Individual Freedom Services

Individual Freedom Services

We call them “Freedom Services” because when you turn them over to us, you are free to do other things (like live your life!). Produce your Podcast offers a menu of services available to use a la carte or together: no contracts and no drama. We work with top-rated, award winning experts in the categories of SEO, Web Design, Copywriting, Social Media, Voice Overs, equipment set up, editing, and more. Don’t see what you need listed? Email us! We can get it done for you!

Podcast Strategy Coaching

Maybe you don’t need a whole team. Maybe you need one professional dedicated to helping you map out your podcast strategy so that you can get your hands dirty. It helps that our team knows how to spot your strengths and help you build upon them while walking you through the parts that call for a little extra help! , The best part is, you can purchase these 90 minute Strategy Sessions as you need them!

Professional Broadcast Quality Production

This is when things get exciting! You will have a live producer in the studio as you create your show. We are there to guide you and your guests with any technical issues or questions which may arise. Afterwards, we take your raw audio file and work our magic! We edit out “ums,” stammering, long or awkward silences, heavy breaths, smacking, background noise, “you knows,” and other crutch phrases that slow a podcast down. We add in audio-production enhancements, including vocal balancing, vocal compression, mix in intros, outros, and any commercials you want! Then we convert everything to high quality MP3 and deliver it to you!

Show Notes

You’ve recorded your podcast. It’s edited. And now…you need show notes. But you don’t want to write more copy, you don’t want to worry about keywords or SEO, and you surely don’t want to re-listen to your own podcast so you can pick out timestamps to highlight for your audience members. Show notes can seem like such a time-vacuum, so turn that detail over to us. We can churn out some standard show notes for you, or create custom notes to fit your needs!

Growth Reports

You want to send that podcast out into the world on your own; you’ve got this! But no one has any idea how it’s doing!

Not a numbers person? Stats make your eyes cross?

We can handle it.

Produce your Podcast can track and send you a monthly report of who is listening so you can find new opportunities to grow your audience! And let us know if you want stats on your social media advertising because we can do that, too.

Quarterly Roadmap Review

Sometimes what you’re doing is working just fine! It is so easy to put those milestone goals in place and then lose track of time. Not to worry! You have a review scheduled with Produce your Podcast to keep things moving forward and provide you with even the smallest tweak that could make a huge difference…

This quarterly review with a Produce Your Podcast Expert is all the return on your investment. Our session will help you meet your goals and set some new ones so your podcast content never becomes stagnant. Let’s keep your listenership going up.

Advertising & Sponsorship Consulting

Did you know you could monetize your podcast with sponsors? Think your show is too small to get sponsors? Think again. Businesses know the power of a passionate listener and they’re eager to associate their brand names with popular and like-minded podcasters.We can show you the ropes: how to target potential sponsorships, make successful contact with the decision maker, and how to present the benefits of your show to them.

Social Media Marketing Set Up, Content, and Distribution

Email list? Facebook fan page! Do I need Youtube and Twitter accounts?

Yes! You’ll need the content and a means by which you distribute your content regularly to get your podcast into the ears of the people who want to listen, and social media is the most modern and effective way to do that. We help you set all of this up so that it runs like clockwork, getting your podcast out into the world. Then, we can manage it all for you too. We are handy like that…

Content Repurposing

When you go to the trouble of making all these delicious podcasts, remember that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you need content for other editorial elements of your business. We use your show transcriptions or show notes to create everything from blogs to tweets. We also provide SEO optimized articles and even videos.

Brand Focused Marketing Support

As your podcast finds its niche, you’ll need to clarify your own brand. Sound daunting? It can be if you don’t have a background in branding. Lucky for you, we do! We help you define the narrative behind your brand and, together, we’ll create a comprehensive strategy for developing a brand that will follow you for years to come. This way people can more easily recognize who you are, what you do, and what you’re known for!

Equipment Setup

So this cord goes here, and this red plug fits into the blue…no the yellow…

If you’ve never set up the equipment to record a podcast before, it might feel like trying to untangle a spaghetti monster. Our production engineers walk you through setup virtually, no matter where you are in the world. From your microphones to recording devices, we’ll make sure you’re up, running and ready to roll.


Your podcasts have to be available for people to listen to them anytime they want to: not just when they’re near their computers. Using iTunes, IHeartradio, and other podcast platforms like Stitcher, we get your podcast into the hands of millions of people via iPhones, Androids, PCs, and iPads! Produce your Podcast does not like crickets.

SEO Diagnostic Analysis & Support

What is SEO? It’s basically how to use words and phrases to get your content noticed when people search for it! You can have the greatest content in the world, but that’s not worth much if no one can find it. Our SEO experts will take a look at your content and help to make it more searchable, getting more eyes noticing and more ears listening!

Custom Voice-Over Work

Need a nice, smooth intro? How about an alternate voice to read your commercial spots? Produce Your Podcast has an all-access pass to professional voice-over talent. These are the same voices the advertising agencies use for their award winning commercial campaigns. Rub elbows with our portfolio of talent. The best part? We don’t charge a premium…these celebrity voice-over peeps are our friends!

Web and Graphic Design

Produce Your Podcast understands the importance of branding. We know how critical it is for the look and feel of your show to match your other marketing pieces. Let our team of vetted experts create, update or build your brand. Full service web design and graphic design available.

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