Start to finish...Soup to Nuts...Idea to Fruition

Want to start a podcast, but have no idea how to do that?
Have a good idea of how to do that, but don’t want to spend the time doing it?

We love helping our clients create, launch, and market podcasts successfully. And we start at the very beginning.

Our clients who join us for the All-in-One PODCASTING PACKAGE find they get things done quicker and with far less overwhelm and confusion. The broadcast quality production of their shows compete with the professionsional podcasters’, AND they are positioned better to get into iTunes, on iHeartRadio, Spoke (SiriusXM) Spotify and all the popular distribution channels faster. (Faster means more listeners and more opportunity!)

After your initial consultation we get you up and running within a 60 day window of time*. Even faster depending on your available time to focus on the project. Slower depending on your available time to focus on the project. You get the picture!

We start with:

Your Accelerator Session

We don’t own any cookie-cutters, so this session is all about you! We dig deeper into your podcast questions, identify your needs, address your fears, and applaud your willingness to step up and make your show the very best it can be. We will map out the rest of your process with you via our 10 step proprietary workflow process (Yep. We wrote it.) and recommendations, along with providing you access to customized templates for things like Press Releases and Guest Outreach.! You’ll know exactly what to expect.We’ll even guide you through your equipment purchase and setup!

Ready, Set, Action!

It’s go-time! Record your show! Produce Your Podcast takes care the details behind the scenes. Think of us as your wingmen and it is your time to shine! We focus on editing and organizing your words so that the outcome is a polished, beautiful podcast. While our broadcasting professionals cross all those t’s and dot all those i’s, you get to focus on the content of the show (i.e. the fun part!).

Operation Launch

This is where the magic happens! We’ve already agreed on a plan and now your team of experts launches your podcast out into the world. Between marketing and distribution, we’re aligned with your vision while we send your content into the world (and the rest is history in the making!).

Now What?

Your show is live in podcast land. Now what?  Don’t worry. We don’t create a big splash for your show and then leave you hanging. You will have access to our step by step proprietary work flow process plan to follow and our full attention for the first month after your show launches. After that, there are several ways we can move forward together. The most important thing to know is we’ve got your back.

*60-day timeline is based on full client cooperation and with our recommendations and based on client’s turnaround time.