How can you change the conversation?

Are you trying to change the conversation in your industry? Are you really telling the story of your business with your unique voice? Do you want to speak globally as an expert in your business niche?

Produce Your Podcast

Full Service Podcast Production



The key to a successful podcast is a cost-effective and precise launch strategy. We created a proprietary system supporting you from conception to execution and provides you with a 10 step marketing and distribution process customized for your show. You already have a podcast? We’ll help you kick things up a notch.


We build a roadmap focused on visual and audio branding, content marketing, guest management and show distribution. Produce Your Podcast will design customized recommendations and simple execution solutions for your podcast success.


Produce Your Podcast focuses on your show sounding and phenomenal with professional broadcast quality production . We source the equipment and assist you with your studio setup. Our team of professional broadcast veterans engineer quality production connecting with you anywhere in the world from our studios, resulting in the highest level of excellence.


Whether you are starting from scratch or you have an existing podcast, you need an audience. The best way to get there is with a clear and simple plan for marketing and distributing your show. We provide you access to our 10 step proprietary process customized for your show to get people listening and keep them listening. Too busy to implement the plan? Produce Your Podcast has a full team of professionals who can the execute the action items so you can focus on your show.


Whether you’re someone who is new to the game or someone who has been podcasting for a while, we can help. Together we’ll determine whether you’re in the market for a comprehensive experience, or if you’d prefer the freedom of indulging in individual freedom services.

Never podcasted before?

An All-in-One Podcasting Package will make it a breeze for you to get started. Most importantly, we help with the pre-show jitters, sourcing your equipment and and distributing your show to all the major listening platforms.

You’ve been podcasting for a while but just want to turn the “hard stuff” over to a team of Experts?

Our team of career broadcasters love customers like you since we eat, breathe and sleep producing quality audio and crafting all the extras that are critical to you competing in a tough market of other podcasters. In fact, we see it as a personal challenge.

Want to spend more time securing and interviewing those superstar guests and less time marketing and distributing your show?

Turn all that over to us. We named them Individual Freedom Services for a reason!